Minimum Habitat Requirements

Your reptile or amphibian pet needs an appropriate habitat for physical and psychological health. The more room you provide your pet, the more natural its behavior will be--including swimming, exploring, thermoregulation, and feeding. The more natural the animal's behavior, the more fun you will have with your pet!

Before you apply to adopt, please review our minimum and recommended habitat sizes for most of the animals in CoRHS's shelter in the table below and the links on the right.

SpeciesRecommendedMinimumNotesArea in Wild

Ball python125 gallons40-55 gallons 1+ acre
CA king snake75 gallons40-55 gallons 1+ acre
Corn snake75 gallons40-55 gallons 1+ acre
Spotted python75 gallons40-55 gallons 1+ acre
Children's python75 gallons40-55 gallons 1+ acre

Soft-shelled turtle75 gallons55 gallons rivers, ponds, etc.
Box turtle10' x 10' and larger outdoors
6' x 6' outdoors several square kilometers
Red eared sliderpond55 gal. for single male; 75 gal. for single femalenative to USpond
Mud/musk turtles100-150 gallons55 gallons shallow river bed
Russian or Golden Greek tortoise10' x 10' and larger
6' x 6' outdoors
6' x 6' indoors if non-hibernating sp.
from Uzbekistanseveral square kilometers
Sulcata tortoise1/4 acre or more outdoorsSummer: 900 square foot fenced yard. Winter: 8'x'10' room. several square kilometers
Red foot tortoise1/4 acre or more outdoors
Summer: 900 square foot fenced yard. Winter: 8'x'10' room.
from Venezuelaseveral square kilometers
 Chameleon (Various ssp.) 2'X2'X4' Screened Enclosure 1.5'X1.5'X3' Screened Enclosure aboreal 1 acre
Green Iguana10' x 12' bedroom8' h x 8' l x 3' daboreal1-2 acres
Desert Iguana75 gallons and larger40 gallonsground/bush1-2 acres
Bearded dragon75 gallons and larger40 gallons  
Blue tongued skink75 gallons40-55 gallons  
Green anole40 gallons tall20 gallons tall needs dense cover
Leopard gecko55 gallons20 gallons long  
Arboreal geckos40 gallons tall20 gallons tall  
Savannah monitor & Black/White Tegu10' x 12' bedroom3' h x 5' l x 3' dInsectivore in the wild 
Schneider's skink75 gallons and larger40-55 gallonsInsectivore in the wild 
Water Dragon110 gallons and larger75 gallonsInsectivore in the wild 
 Small Monitors
 4'X8'X4' or larger 3'X6'X3'  2+acres
Crested Gecko

30 gal. tall20 gal. tall Omnivore in the wild 
White's tree frog
40 gallons tall
20 gallons tall

Minimum Habitat Requirements - Colorado Reptile Humane Society
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