Hearts Annual Fundraiser!

Show your sweetheart some love this Valentine's Day while helping homeless reptiles this year! Purchase a heart (or two, or five!) and dedicate them to the love of your life or favorite shelter animal awaiting their forever home!

Your donation helps us feed and care for the more than 100 reptiles and amphibians in the shelter!

The Heart Catalog:


To: Daisy
From: Kip in CO!


From: Marilyn in CO!


From: Haley in CO!


From: Eileen in CO!

For Pancake. Rest in Crickets.
From: Aubrey in CO!

Love. Arlo, Blueberry, and Peachy!
From: Leslie in CO!

Sending love to the hatchling brown anole that stole our hearts!
From: Sarah in CO!


From: Zorina in IL!


For loveable iggy, Ella.
From: Earl in IL!


To the many wonderful reptiles who have entered my life through CoRHS.
From: Ann in CO!


To the best mom ever, love Shelly.
From: Zachary in CO!


Deepest thanks to AE who immediately responded to my calls for help with a frozen and lost Plains garter snake found in the middle of our family room! I look forward to releasing it outside, happy and well-fed, in the Spring. THANK YOU!
From: Simone in CO!


From: Kristine in CO!

Hearts Annual Fundraiser! - Colorado Reptile Humane Society
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