Hearts Annual Fundraiser!

Show your sweetheart some love this Valentine's Day while helping homeless reptiles this year! Purchase a heart (or two, or five!) and dedicate them to the love of your life or favorite shelter animal awaiting their forever home!

Your donation helps us feed and care for the more than 100 reptiles and amphibians in the shelter!

The Heart Catalog:


to: Tachikoma
from: Jackson in CO

from: Nate in CO


Dedicated to the Thorn Bugs of Costa Rica!
from: Kristine in CO


from: Michelle


to: Susan
from: Ray in MO

To the many companion animals I have been lucky enough to share this life with - much, much love!
from: Jane in CO


For my Joshie with Love
from: Dana in CA


from: Northern Colorado Herpetological Society


Dedicated to the dedicated and hard-working staff of CoRHS. Thank you for all you do for our reptilian friends!
from: Lisa in NM


I would like to thank all of CoRHS volunteers for their dedication! I "heart" you all!
from: Teri in CO


to: The awesome staff and amazing animals at CORHS :)
from: Vanessa in WA

Thank you for all that you do to help the reptiles. Dedicated to Sadie, Emmie & Riley (bearded dragons)
from: Clint in CO


to: Hopper, Bumpy, Brownie, and Mr. Guana, who live in my heart always.
from: Kim in TX


In the name of Lisa Dostillio, who tirelessly works to keep one incredible little friend (Ignatius, a truly giant green iguana) going every single day.
from: Chris in OR


Love to all at CoRHS! The Chesne family turtles: XBox, Turtie, and Hoku
from: Bridgette in CO


to: Antonio, Somerset, and Kora! I love my fosters!
from: Julia in CO


from: Jill J. in AZ (or Oz?)


in memory of MARIS
from: the Browns in IL


from: Brenda S. in USA


from: Marilyn C. in CO


Hearts Annual Fundraiser! - Colorado Reptile Humane Society
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