Hearts Annual Fundraiser!

Show your sweetheart some love this Valentine's Day while helping homeless reptiles this year! Purchase a heart (or two, or five!) and dedicate them to the love of your life or favorite shelter animal awaiting their forever home!

Your donation helps us feed and care for the more than 100 reptiles and amphibians in the shelter!

The Heart Catalog:


to: Daisy
from: Kip in CO


to: Petey the Grand Dragonlizard Lord!
from: Erik in CO

to: Shepard the Ball Python
from: Heather in CO

from: Marcia the Hissing Cockroach
(as translated by: Kristine in CO)

to: my three snake babies Calypso, Loki, and Maui. I'm am so thankful to have my scale babies in my life, and hope that those at the Colorado Reptile Humane Society can also find forever homes to every animal that is under their care.
from: Tara in CO

to: All the scaly babies 
from: Malcom 

to: In memory of Flame, our albino corn snake. RIP
from: Leah in CO

to: Donuts with sprinkles for everyone. Princess Sprinkles 
from: Jill in AZ

to: To Erin, who perceives Herp personalities that the rest of us can’t 😍 
from: Jeri in NM

to: For Audrey, my favorite iguana lade and Valentine! Love, Michael 
from: Mike in CA

to: To my four iguanas, gone but not forgotten: Hopper, Brownie, Bumpy, and Mr. Guana; and to all the fine critters and humans at CORHS. 
from: Kim in TX

to: To all the snakey snakes aka danger noodles. 
from: Jessica 

from: Vanessa in WA

from: Jennifer

to: Bruce, Gizzy, Ping, Emerald, Reggie, Patch, Houdini, Fiona, and Sadie. All my love to those here now and gone before.
from: Erinn in CO

to: Happy valentines day❣ 
from: Lychele

to: Much love to all reptiles from Skyler in Castle Rock and all his reptiles!
from: William and Jenny in CO

to: Dedicated to Sadie, Emma, Oliver and Harriet bearded dragons and to all who work so hard to give reptiles and herps loving care and forever homes.
from: Clint in CO

from: Susan and Ray in MO


from: Judith in CO

to: In memory of the wonderful Maris
from: Katharine in IL

to: All the best to CORHS, AE, Jonathan, and crew!
from: Jeff and Sharon in MA

From all of the Moody gang to all of the Corhs gang!
from: The Moodys in CO

to: In honor of frogs and toads everywhere. 
from: Ann (Toadella) in CO

to: To all the homeless pets I wish I could help
from: Gabrielle

Hearts Annual Fundraiser! - Colorado Reptile Humane Society
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