The CoRHS Pumpkin Patch!

Help grow the 2017 CoRHS Pumpkin Patch! Purchase a pumpkin (or two, or five!) and dedicate an honorarium or memorial to a pet, family member, or favorite shelter animal awaiting their forever home!

Your donation helps us feed and care for the more than 100 reptiles and amphibians in the shelter!

The Pumpkin Catalog:


In Memory of the sweetest Iguana in the world,Maris
From: Katharine in IL

In memory of Norbert and Targaryen, two sweet beardies. From Mary and Gary. 

With turtle love, Xbox, Turtie, and Hoku Chesne 

In honor of our 70-ish Desert Tortoise, Torty!💛🐢💛
From Julie in CO

From our little ones (And Michael in CO!)

From Marcia, the Madagascar hissing cockroach. (And Kristy in CO!)

In gratitude to Colorado Reptile Humane Society for all they do for reptiles and amphibians. Ann, Ken and Miriam Jamieson

For all the amazing animals!!!
From Vanessa in WA

From David M.

From the Emrick Turtles in Colorado

For the love of beardies
From Sadie, Emma, Rylie and Oliver

To the wonderful volunteers and staff who keep the animals at CoRHS safe, clean, warm and well-fed. You folks all rock!!
From: Jane in CO

In honor of my 21 yr old iguana, Manny. Today is our gotcha day ~ 20 years ago. Also, to the hardworking and dedicated staff and volunteers of CoRHS. Thank you for all you do for the reptiles!
From Lisa in NM

From Squirtle!
From Meghan M.

From The D'Haem Family in HI!

From Meagan C.!

From the Frieze Family in FL!

From Marilyn C.!

From Russ in CO!

To our pooches: Tachikoma, Jackson, & Kip

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The CoRHS Pumpkin Patch! - Colorado Reptile Humane Society
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