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There are so many ways to help Colorado Reptile Humane Society help the reptiles and amphibians who need care while a permanent and loving home is sought.

Volunteers are very important people at the Colorado Reptile Humane Society. As a private, non-profit organization, the assistance of caring and hardworking volunteers is critical in all of our programs. To volunteer, you must be at least 18 years old, and willing to make a six-month commitment of approximately three hours per week.

Not ready to adoptFoster an animal, provide care, and learn about a fascinating reptile!

No room for another pet? Considering Sponsoring a CoRHS animal during their time in the shelter. Your heart will feel super!

We are often in need of items we use on a daily basis and for special projects. Our Wish List gives you ideas about what to do with that stack of ply wood or old pillowcases taking up space in your house. Donate them and help our work!

If you shop at Amazon, they will donate a percentage of each of your purchases to us if you use their Smile program!

Funny thing about money...we need it to purchase veterinary care, medicines, gasoline, and other items. A Cash Donation is always appreciated!

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Get Involved - Colorado Reptile Humane Society
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