CoRHS ships adopted animals to their new home only using airline carriers. Our preferred carrier is Delta Airlines. Our cost to adopters is $120.00 (Actual costs are listed below, updated May 19, 2009).

We will not ship adopted animals using overnight carrier such as UPS or FedEx. Such shippers are not required to handle live animals differently than they would handle a box of rocks; injuries and fatalities are common using these shippers.

Actual Costs for Shipping (updated May 19, 2009):
Delta Dash (up to 50 lbs)$120.00
Wood Crate $35.00-$55.00
Tolls to Airport$8.00

Shipping Day is an exciting day.....
Graduation day......when reptiles leave CoRHS headed to their new homes.

Stress day......while we pack the animals, get them to the airport, and pray to the herp gods they make their connecting flights and arrive to their new homes safe and sound.

Adoption day......when you pick up your new pet at the airport.

1. Once your animal is accepted for transport by the AIRLINE, we will email you that your animal is on the way as well as the AIRLINE airway bill number. You can use this number to track your animal. However, because of connecting flights, oftentimes records are not updated and the airline won't be able to tell you where your pet is. Don't get frantic-as annoying as this is, it is standard practice for airlines.

2. Please email us once you've picked up your new pet - we want to know your new family member has safely arrived!

3. Check your habitat TODAY to make sure all lights, heaters, and other equipment is working and you're getting the temperatures and humidity you need for your animal. You should have food ready, although your new pet may not feel like eating for a while depending on the specie you are adopting and how quickly he or she gets acclimated to new surroundings.

4. AIRLINE--please make sure you have located the AIRLINE **Cargo** office near your airport. Packages are dropped off and picked up at the cargo office, not inside the terminal. Arriving animals are usually brought to the cargo office about 45 minutes after the plane lands. (You can sometimes hurry it all up by begging and pleading that your new pet is coming and you're so excited.)

5. Delays. They sometimes happen. If there is no room on a flight for additional cargo after passenger bags, our animals will not fly. If there is cargo room but lots of US mail xanax overnight delivery, we will also not get on the flights. We've chosen flights so that if our animals are delayed at the connection point, we still have another couple of flights and still make it to the destination in the same day.

6. Your animal arrives in a wooden crate closed with wood screws. You will need a Phillips head screw driver to open the crate. Do not open the crate until you arrive home as a scared animal may leap out and flee!

7. Introducing your animal to its new environment. Open the top of the crate and if you have a snake or iguana, let it check out its surroundings and climb out on its own--or remove it after a few minutes. For turtles, you'll need to remove carefully and place turtle into its new habitat. Remember, turtles can kick quite hard so use two hands for moving.

8. Finally, Colorado Reptile Humane Society is here to help you and your animal make a smooth transition. We want you to email us with any questions and we will help! We also love to have updates from you and receive photos, especially of you and your animal for use in our newsletter. If for some reason your new animal does not fit in your family, CoRHS will take that animal back. It doesn't happen often but we want you to know that we are most interested in good adoptions, not simply getting the animals out of the shelter.

Shipping - Colorado Reptile Humane Society
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