Foster Care

Foster Parents provide a nurturing environment in their own home for shelter reptiles so the animals may mature, heal, socialize, and become or remain adoptable. 

We are looking for dedicated individuals or families willing to care for a reptile to help them thrive and become or remain adoptable. Volunteers must be able to accept emotional challenges when faced with adoption, illness, death, or euthanasia of a foster animal. Fostering is ideal for people who are interested in learning proper care and habitat arrangements for different reptiles.

Foster Benefits:

  • Choose the type of animal you are comfortable inviting into your home.
  • Learn proper care and husbandry of different reptiles.
  • Personal triumph when a foster animal finds a loving home.
  • Flexible volunteer position tailored just for you. 
  • CoRHS provides all equipment and veterinary care.

  • Feed, shelter, and socialize a reptile in your own home. 
  • Ensure the safety of your foster animal and respond to the needs of the animal. 
  • Observe and report any problems with the animal to the Foster Department.
  • Return the animal to the Humane Society upon request or according to any special arrangements made by the volunteer and the Foster Department. 
  • Comply with the Humane Society's philosophies and policies and act as a representative of the Humane Society.
  • Complete & submit monthly animal reports.

Training Requirement:
  • Complete a foster parent application and attend foster care training at the Longmont shelter. 
  • Host a home visit to be completed by Humane Society staff and volunteers. 
  • Review how to complete & submit monthly animal reports.
  • A minimum commitment of six months is required. 
  • Direct supervision by Foster Coordinator and Executive Director.


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